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Antosh MarketingWhen launching a new business, or a new division, Antosh Marketing is the extra pair of hands you need to keep you on schedule. You know your business, and we know how to work within a successful system. Antosh Marketing strives to anticipate your needs, and matching your style, to become a key partner in realizing your dream.

When picking the name of your business, focus on three goals-

  1. Make it a name that you will personally buy into. Your business name, with the right marketing and PR, will be on your lips as much as your own name will. No longer will you be Bob Jones, you will now be Bob Jones of SUCESSFUL BUSINESS INC. Create a name that gets you excited, because most of the time, it will be your job to keep up the momentum as you launch your business.

  2. At least part of your name should be clear and easily understood. Catchy names can be cool and get peoples attention, but will people know what you are talking about? Don’t count on every customer giving you the time of day to explain what you do. You want potential customers to hear your name and decide “Hey, I need that”.

  3. Some aspect of your business name should commonly occur outside of your office. Because building awareness of your business means making it familiar, create a name that will be on people’s lips without help from you. Your market, or your service, or even your own name will get around on its own. When your customers hear your business name it will help if they can say, “I’ve heard that before.” Don’t just find a name; create your name as you would create your business through a well-organized and successful process.

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